OEM Solutions

While we primarily design systems that are tailor-fit to their production setting, some of our solutions have become industry-focused OEM products and delivered long-term value to multiple customers:



IS Machine Drive Systems

The Genesys line of IS Machine Drive Systems is designed for exceptional ease of use, reliability and precision control. Robust components are integrated with an emphasis on serviceability and intuitive diagnostics to make our systems easy to operate and maintain.

Together, these features contribute to outstanding performance and longevity of the more than 100 systems we have installed since 1996. Sophisticated motion controls provide tightly coordinated control of all servo mechanisms from feeder to lehr, ensuring smooth transfer of ware through the hot end.

Contact us to learn more about the intentional design details of our drive systems.


Pusher System retrofits

Our pusher system servo retrofits dramatically improve the performance of a broad range of OEM pusher mechanisms including Heye, Emhart, Bottero, and Maul Technologies. Our controls provide Hermite B-Spline velocity trajectories to smoothly and reliably transfer ware to the machine conveyor. With nearly 200 axes in use with proven production rates in excess of 700 BPM (16 section triple gob), let us show you what your pusher mechanisms can do with an Applied Motion Pusher System Retrofit.


Lehr Loaders

Applied Motion Systems has designed and built 43 servo motor-driven lehr loading machines — some operating in excess of 700 bottles per minute. With linear motor technology and magnetic forces replacing mechanical linkages, there is no wear, no backlash, and no maintenance, even at cycle rates of up to 25 per minute. Its rugged, high-efficiency components deliver smooth lift axis performance and support a payload up to 450 pounds, while an automated lubrication system and simplified controls make maintenance and operation reliably easier. A lehr loader refurbish program is available.

Contact us for more information about our lehr loader solutions.


This system combines the critical control of mold cooling during glass container forming with a flexible and scalable SCADA framework to produce a comprehensive plant control solution. Designed with both hardware and software redundancy, these highly reliable systems adapt to operating conditions to deliver consistent cooling air supply for optimum container quality. Centralized data from hundreds of inputs throughout the plant inform operators and managers in making intelligent production decisions and scheduling timely preventative maintenance.

Take a more detailed look at how this system accomplishes adaptive mold cooling.


Takeout Systems

AMS has developed Takeout system upgrades for Heye and Emhart mechanisms that provide superior ware handling using an optimized motion trajectory for smooth, repeatable motion that produces defect-free delivery of the ware to the deadplate. Enjoy improved IS Machine efficiency while reducing air consumption with an AMS Takeout System upgrade.



Core Cleaner

Our core cleaners eliminate the injury risk associated with the strenuous, repetitive operator task of cutting leftover paper from spent parent roll cores. AMS core cleaners make it possible to seamlessly switch between parent rolls of any width and diameter, wound on any size core. Our sensor technology and precise motion produces a clean, damage free core ready for reuse at the paper machine. This compact solution can be customized to fit a variety of plant configurations.

See how we developed our two generations of core cleaners.


drive system retrofits

Whether your machine needs a new drive system or a safety upgrade, an AMS drive system retrofit delivers immediate performance, safety, and energy efficiency to  your production process. A drive system retrofit can  often be deployed quickly with minimal downtime. AMS can provide an engineered solution for position, velocity, and tension based systems using AC and DC drive technologies.

Read about a recent paper machine DC drive retrofit here.


Paper converting

AMS has a proven track record of expertise in paper converting applications. Our new machine and retrofit solutions not only improve safety and performance for a variety of paper converting processes, they also greatly expand production capabilities and efficiency with high mix and high volume products. We offer machine sectionalization upgrades including all mechanical and electrical and software elements to deliver features including:

  • Discrete sheet count
  • Variable perforation length
  • Coordinated thread systems
  • Zoned machine perimeter guarding
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic isolation

These improvements provide greater production flexibility on mandrel and surface wind machines and guarantee better quality products coming off the line, while making for a safer working environment for operators.

Our OEM machines have solved numerous challenges related to core handling, core reforming, and cap insertion with 100% inline quality inspection.


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