Applied Motion Systems is more than a name — it describes our passion and area of excellence. Our team has been applying motion technology across industries and processes since 1995, with many of our early systems still serving as benchmarks in productivity and reliability.

Today, we remain focused on responding to new challenges demanding ever increasing precision – from picometer resolution electron beam microscope stages to automated layup of carbon fiber parts up to 40 feet long with +/-0.010-inch accuracy. In every project, we combine the best of motion and automation technologies with the competencies of a diverse set of engineering disciplines to deliver unmatched solutions for our customer.


Industry Expertise

With curiosity and persistence, we seek out opportunities to collaborate on novel motion control challenges. When we’re not developing concepts in new arenas, we’re building on our longstanding partnerships in the following industries:

  • Glass Container Production
  • Pulp and Paper / Paper Converting
  • Engineered Wood and Building Products
  • Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Specialty Machine Tools
  • High Tech and Semiconductor
  • Packaging / Film Converting
  • Renewable Energy / Utilities


The safe and collaborative interaction between human and machine is critical for a system’s viability. Our certified safety experts create solutions that elevate operator safety and continuous production performance in complex manufacturing environments.

Read about how we eliminated an injury-prone manual task in paper converting.

Drive & Control System Retrofits

Drive and control system retrofits preserve investments by extending the useful life of production assets. We’ve developed retrofits for older assets that then outperform brand new machines while adding years of dependable service at a fraction of the cost of buying new. While many mechanical components are built to last, drive and control systems often are not. A system retrofit can be the best solution to improve machine safety, productivity, and reliability with minimal disruption to operations.



Electrical panel shop

  • UL508A Certified Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer
  • CSA Certified Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer

Project management

  • PMP Certification


  • Certified Machinery Safety Expert (CMSE®)
  • B11 Licensed Machinery Safety Specialist (LMSS™)
  • ISNetworld member in good standing
  • Avetta member in good standing

Boeing supplier network

  • Qualified Tooling Supplier (RC-0846 / D6-51991, approved DPD process)

Manufacturing Capability

AMS recently constructed a new facility expressly designed for Aerospace Automation / Tooling manufacturing. This manufacturing space provides 35,000 ft2 of fabrication, machining and assembly area including:

Coordinated crane lift capacity to 30 tons

  • UL 508A + CSA Panel Shop
  • 50ft x 175ft assembly bay with 5‐Ton Overhead Crane Coverage with 25ft hook height
  • 55ft x 175ft assembly bay with 5‐Ton + 25‐Ton Overhead Crane Coverage with 25ft hook height
  • 14ft x 32ft Industrial Finishing Booth
  • CNC Vertical Machining Centers from 40″ x 20″ x 20″ to 20ft x 8ft x 8ft to 12,000 lbs
  • Manual Turning to 20″ swing x 80″ bedway
  • Welding Fabrication using MIG, TIG, and SMAW welding processes
  • Well‐equipped R&D test area with dynamometer and large assortment of test equipment and instrumentation
  • 1600 Amp service @ 480V 3 phase for system load testing with bidirectional capacity to 120kW
  • Collaborative relationships with local machine and fabrication shops allowing flexible capacity

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