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Every production process is an ecosystem of human and machine interactions. At Applied Motion Systems, we develop motion control systems and specialty machines that fit perfectly into their unique production environments.

In close collaboration with our customers, we consider existing technologies and manufacturing processes holistically, then push toward new levels of safety, ease of use, productivity, and durability.

Experts in the
principles of

As a systems integrator and machine builder, our core expertise is in the fundamentals of motion and motion technology. From a 122-axis carbon fiber layup machine to an undersea tidal generator array, we deploy that expertise across a broad range of industries and technology platforms.

Skilled with both machine retrofits and new production concepts, we challenge assumptions, reconsider limitations, and often bring forth capabilities and precision beyond what our customers believed to be possible.


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Our team thrives on simplifying the complex. Combining perspectives from diverse disciplines, our engineers, machinists, and technicians tenaciously pursue solutions to complex challenges in mechatronics. Together, we see each project through to completion — and beyond.

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