Renewable power from ocean waves


Oscilla Power, Inc. is a pioneer in the renewable energy space, striving to bring sustainable energy to communities around the world using their 100kW-rated TRITON-C wave energy converter. Oscilla called on Applied Motion Systems to develop a Siemens based electrical power system to efficiently convert, store, and transmit the energy generated by their unique hydraulic drivetrains.

Sinamics Motion to Grid Hardware package

AMS designed the generator inverter drive system (left cabinet) along with vessel auxiliary power systems (right cabinet) to operate from a 720VDC bus. Power is stored in Super Capacitors (center cabinet) operating at the drive bus voltage comprised of 11 Farads of capacitance.

All Siemens components are shock mounted in reinforced cabinets. A fourth cabinet (not shown) contains Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries operating at 310VDC which are connected to the system using a 30kW DC:DC converter. This allows long term storage of energy for black start capabilities. All of this hardware is housed in the vessel and is designed to withstand stormy, high energy sea states.

Read the full story from Siemens here.

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